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With our online Hotel Booking Software you will be able to take reservations, accept payments, manage rooms availability, set promo codes and discounts, send your clients Email & SMS notifications. The hotel reservation software also creates reports and invoices.


  • Payment methods
  • Easy bookings management
  • Invoice generation module
  • Automated notifications

Accept Bookings Online

Hotel Booking Software is your online front office manager who serves your clients 24/7. The easy reservation process provides positive user experience and sense of security.

  • Unlimited room types
  • Room inventory and availability management
  • Room description and images
  • Adults and children capacity

Manage Rooms

Through an easy administration page of our hotel reservation software you can create a vivid impression of your rooms and facilities!

  • Different price for each room
  • Prices based on capacity
  • Seasonal prices
  • Discounts and packages
  • Set booking limits

Price Management

Set and update price rates depending on room type, day of the week, date range, adults/children etc. Launch special package offerings and seasonal discounts.

  • Clients profiles
  • Address and contact details
  • Additional notes
  • Ip address and date

Clients Database

Each booking in the admin panel contains your client’s details and contact information.

  • Two front end layouts
  • Responsive design
  • Step by step reservation process
  • Multiple rooms per booking
  • Smart calculations

Intuitive booking widget

The hotel reservation system works perfectly on all screen resolutions and devices and has a user-friendly interface.

  • Unlimited extras
  • Manage title and image
  • Multiple pricing options

Extras Management

Clients can book extra services such as Breakfast, Airport pick-up, Parking, Wi-Fi etc. You can add/edit the special items from the admin panel.

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